Wednesday, August 3, 2011


This is beauty, three talented young actresses being beautifully photographed  by fashion photographers Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott, (From above to below) Hailiee Steinfeld, Chloe-Grace Moretz and Elle Fanning are the new faces for the cover of Love Magazine whose editor is Katie Grand (ex editor-in-chief for POP Magazine, which had the honor to have people like Madonna, Miuccia Prada, Elizabeth Hurley, Giles Deacon and Stella McCartney grace on their covers). This one is launched twice a year and definitely focuses on Fashion. I would love to get on my hands on this issue, just by looking at the cover, I have a feeling that this will be pure fashion candy!

Hope you enjoyed this and have an epic day! Pedro :)

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Have you ever thought of going back to a time where everything was just perfect? Where you did not have to think about any responsibility, where you thought that hate did not exist, when the only thing that we talked and cared for was for toys and dolls, not romance nor sex and when the internet was not a new part of the human anatomy (I say that because we have turned to be so codependent to it, it's stupid)?

If you answer yes to this, you're not alone, I have felt like this too. Today, there are not so many good shows on the television, we think a lot about getting ready to go through tough times, video games suck and have no replay value, we idolize people who are inept and we spread hate to everything in every damn place (I plead guilty on the last one). So wishing going back our childhood is a thing in our daily lives, you just can't deny it because the future is sucking it hard.

Now I am trying to watch shows and play games from the 90's and early 2000's and I am feeling like a brand new person, going retro is therapeutic, haha! Fun fact: once I had a quiz where it said which decade I am and it said that I was a perfect resemblance to the 90's, what I loved was the description that it gave to me:
  It said that I was a person who loves going to retrospective and appreciating modernity at the same time.  By mixing both of those characteristics, I was branded to be creative and somewhat refreshing without leaving something from the past out of its way.

By the way, for those who follow this blog, I am so sorry for not posting anything for a LONG time, I was having such fun that when I got to my laptop, the only thing I checked was Facebook to see if anybody left a message or a comment on something I cared for. Have a great day and enjoy your vacation for those who are still on it.

Love, Pedro

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Requiem For a Dream = The Quintessence Of Hell

Ok, you may be wondering why do I call Darren Aronovsky's Requiem for a Dream the quintessence of hell. Well, if you're going to watch this movie or some friend of yours has been raving it, be warned, you will be scarred for the rest of your life with this film. This film is absolutely a picture of the reality that drug addicts have to go through in search of obtaining what they wish for, some wished for more drugs and only one just wanted to improve her appearance in order to look pretty on television, all of the characters end up in the worsts circumstances of life. After watching the movie, I read some people saying that it was humorless and depressive and my reaction to that comment was this:

All I can say about it is that it's not a movie that I would feel comfortable to recommend, I would only recommend to those that I trust and know well, if you tell someone to watch it, warn them about EVERYTHING that they will see in this movie, so they don't get such an impact. I am sorry for those who are around me who have heard me blabber about this for a very long time, it's just painful to watch but how Darren Aronovsky managed this, it has a certain beauty and for that, I congratulate him, but still, it's very hard to digest.

Have a great day and from now on, I will say the most cliche phrase, don't do drugs!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

High school... bleh!

I'm gonna start this with a cliche question. How was your high school? Was it good or bad? Did you leave with fond memoirs or got scarred for the rest of your existence? Let me tell you about mine and start with a statement: If I did not have friends like the ones I love so much, I thought I would have committed some tragedy (I may be exaggerating like always,  but at some moments, some must have felt like this)!  Thanks to them (and my family), I am someone who doesn't tolerate BS from anybody and stand firm to any harm that comes. High school would have sucked without them because of all the mockery I had to go through and the injustice of me being labeled like Campbell's soup as "the son of a bitch" thanks to those who disturbed me, but I thank the destiny for getting them in my path and loving me for me. I can't tell you if it gets better after school because college has not even started, but some have told me that it does (and I am glad), well, getting out of that hellhole relieved me. So I will leave you with Daria's graduation speech, that if I could have found it sooner, I would have made that speech at my graduation because this is how I felt, so here goes:

-“Um… thank you. I’m not much for public speaking, or much for speaking, or, come to think of it, much for the public. And I’m not very good at lying. So let me just say that, in my experience, high school sucks. If I had to do it all over again, I’d have started advanced placement classes in preschool so I could go from eighth grade straight to college. However, given the unalterable fact that high school sucks, I’d like to add that if you’re lucky enough to have a good friend and a family that cares, it doesn’t have to suck quite as much. Otherwise, my advice is: stand firm for what you believe in, until and unless logic and experience prove you wrong; remember, when the emperor looks naked, the emperor is naked; the truth and a lie are not “sort of the same thing”; and there is no aspect, no facet, no moment of life that can’t be improved with pizza. Thank you.”-


Have a great day and remember, be yourself and stand with pride, not shame.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fashion shows that made my passion for fashion bloom plus something else...

Karl Lagerfeld S/S 2008, this one started it all! This collection made me love androgyny (the balance between masculinity and femininity, sometimes referred as bisexual), clothes that are influenced on rock-n-roll, spikes, and women who portrayed a daring fashion sense .Also, this was the pioneer for me to start getting interested to the fashion industry.
Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs S/S 2008, this show made me fall in love with anything that has quirk, influence toward animation and caricature, and most importantly, COLOR!!! Also, in this fashion show, Marc Jacobs came out at the finale with a mini luggage bag that was airing the first episode of SpongeBob SquarePants (now that's amazing).
Balmain by Christophe Decarnin S/S 2010, this collection made me get obsessed with militia (I hate militia because I was at a military school for 14 years and the times were not so fond, but I loved the influence that this gave to fashion, whenever you wear something military, you feel powerful and kick ass), combat boots and trashiness, lol. This collection caused a mania to the fashion industry and spend a LOT of money for this ($ 9,000 for a jacket? Ouch!), I think even if I was economically stable (like rich), that would still be WAY out of my range!

Donatella Versace S/S 2010, this one made me drool for shoes, technological printed tees, tower clocks, plastic and Alice in Wonderland. This collection portrayed this sensual being with a quirky and somehow, fetishist hint.

Marc Jacobs S/S 2009, two years and whenever I see this jacket, I go insane (I know it's womenswear but if I find something that looks alike for men, I am gonna spend my bucks on it). This collection is extreme silliness in a chic and beautiful way, with the many inspirations that it had, I found that it was Mary Poppins going to the India and later, New York (yes, it was that silly), also, Marc Jacobs warns you  whenever you see any collection of his, get ready for your mind to be twisted and blown!

Rag & Bone by Marcus Wainwright and David Neville F/W 2010, these guys made me wish that my first collection will be inspired by menswear (cliche but I will learn on how to make this original and new). This one [collection] demonstrated the wonders that menswear has done to women. In here, they showed plaid shirts, parkas, knitted ponchos, military jackets, blazers and sweaters in every shape, textile and form, it was attractive to women, but I found it fantastic (referring to fantasy) as a man.

Each of these collection demonstrate a little piece of me (if you watch the full fashion shows of these collections, you can acknowledge that image and attitude that the designer(s) want(s) to portray and what I want you to understand), thanks to these, it made me, Pedro Correa, get obsessed to find some specific pieces, transform into this new persona, defined my style and fight until I reached my goal:

1) Become a really graphic & bold person, in terms of style and personality.
2) Get obsessed over stripes, motorcycle jackets, boots, coats, techno-prints and military influenced pieces.
3) Lose fear on some things, like getting more influenced in womenswear than menswear (seriously, womenswear is more original and attractive to the human eye, what you see on menswear is sometimes idiotic or boring), of course, that does not mean cross dressing and also, not fearing those who want to hurt me and humiliate.
4) Just be and love myself for who I am and not care about what others say about me (if they talk to much about you, that means something of you is attractive but they're scared of admitting it), express yourself however you want, walk the way your body makes you, ignore those who say you're ugly, fat, flat, tiny, tall or any other "offense", you're their mirror on that invisible wall that reflects their homely appearance.
In simple words, get a grip, embrace it and go with the flow.

I hope you have enjoyed this and excuse the fact that the later post was way later than expected, I was really tired for not doing anything, so I took a longer slumber. Have a great weekend if you start it tomorrow and have a great sleep, because I need one!

How my love towards Fashion started growing?

Everything that you do love or hate has a point of origin, and for me,  Fashion has an endearing one. My love for it started thanks to my obsession for fragrances, where I thought that fragrance ads were amazing, so I went to YouTube to search for TV commercials such as Euphoria by Calvin Klein, Le Male & Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier, et cetera, later I found this video which was named Karl Lagerfeld : Spring 2008, I was confused because I didn't know what the heck was going, what was this? I did not even knew who was Karl Lagerfeld (and it turns out to be one of the best designers in the Fashion industry, also known as the Fashion Kaiser), so I lost my confusion and turned out that was a fashion show where it was a very street wise collection, in it there were motorcycle jackets, jeans covered in tulle, skinnies, safaris, very bold-printed tees, body conscious jersey dresses, loads of white shirts, loads of mini and mid-length skirts, the coolest accessories I have ever seen, et cetera (excuse me for not going on but the collection had SO MUCH VARIETY!). It was a great collection, period. Thanks to these, I started searching more and knew about great brands like Prada, Gucci, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry Prorsum, Marni, YSL, Proenza Schouler, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Michael Kors and later Alexander Wang (of course, there are other great designers that I did not mention but these are the ones that I always keep an eye on discovered them at an early stage of my teenage). Later, I will post some pictures of the collections that branded me and I will always remember, hope you enjoyed this and have a great day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

F*** the cold & flu! (and other biological complexities)

It was 11:09 p.m. and I was tired, but thanks to my allergies, I felt like I wasn't ready to sleep. This made find an extreme muse to write something that may be educational for those who constantly suffer from it (like me), the cold & flu (and let's add allergies to this issue). Thanks to these illnesses, some pharmaceuticals win a A LOT of money and can buy some new Ferraris and Lamborghinis once in a while, and we have to suffer the nose-clogging, throat-hurting, body-aching, tummy-failing and hot-flashed dilemmas. So in these cases, there's always these questions, what do I get to treat this and how I prevent it? I have done some research in order to also help myself from this big issue, and this is some great information I have found and wish to share with everybody so they could treat and prevent this and other issues that attacks us daily:

1) zinc: a mayor exposure to this trace metal and your kidney can fail, but ironically, we can't live without this. Why? Because zinc is a supplement that helps with many organs and prevents some diseases, it helps improve and promotes a better function of your digestive system, growth, skin improvement, bone development, blood pressure and it prevents and eases the symptoms of cold, HIV, gingivitis, BPD, ED, and others. This can be found easily on supplements (more likely, tablets).

2) echinacea: this beautiful flower is also known for its magnanimous helps. Echinacea contains substances that enhance the ability of the immune system, also it relieves pain, reduces inflammations and has antiviral, hormonal and antioxidant effects. Doctors recommend using this for infections (Urinal, Ear and Yeast infections to be accurate) and to help control one of our worst enemies in our body (ESPECIALLY MINE!), Sinusitis. And to finish this section, it helps fight the bacterias that cause the cold. This one can also be found easily on supplements and teas (with some honey, please)!

3) vitamin C: this is an essential nutrient for us humans, not only it helps strengthen our immune system, it also helps retain collagen, which is a body chemical that helps you protect from the scurvy (disease that can cause browning of the skin, teeth loss, depression, bleeding from the mucous membranes and eventually, death). This can be found on supplements, fruits (especially citruses like oranges, lemons, limes, clementines, etc.) and vegetables (most likely, spinach).

4) elderberry: this one is my personal favorite and also philosopher Hippocrates' favorite herb. He said that the elderberry was soon going to become an elixir, and he got that right. Indian scientists experimented on this and found out that it helped ease and prevent the symptoms of the cold and flu. This elderberry can be found commercially on a product called Sambucol (once, our English teacher talked about this product on one of her classes and everyone thought that she was a little but cuckoo, but thanks to her, I found it), a dissolvable tablet that contains elderberry and zinc, and it can be found on supplements and drinks.

That is all for this section and excuse me if I went a little bit far away on what I really would tend to talk about but it's that these days I have surfed thru my FaceBook and I have found SO MANY people that caught a cold or got the flu and I thought that it would be great to bring an information that can last a life time. Hope you have a great day and if you're sick, get well!

Love, Pedro