Saturday, July 30, 2011


Have you ever thought of going back to a time where everything was just perfect? Where you did not have to think about any responsibility, where you thought that hate did not exist, when the only thing that we talked and cared for was for toys and dolls, not romance nor sex and when the internet was not a new part of the human anatomy (I say that because we have turned to be so codependent to it, it's stupid)?

If you answer yes to this, you're not alone, I have felt like this too. Today, there are not so many good shows on the television, we think a lot about getting ready to go through tough times, video games suck and have no replay value, we idolize people who are inept and we spread hate to everything in every damn place (I plead guilty on the last one). So wishing going back our childhood is a thing in our daily lives, you just can't deny it because the future is sucking it hard.

Now I am trying to watch shows and play games from the 90's and early 2000's and I am feeling like a brand new person, going retro is therapeutic, haha! Fun fact: once I had a quiz where it said which decade I am and it said that I was a perfect resemblance to the 90's, what I loved was the description that it gave to me:
  It said that I was a person who loves going to retrospective and appreciating modernity at the same time.  By mixing both of those characteristics, I was branded to be creative and somewhat refreshing without leaving something from the past out of its way.

By the way, for those who follow this blog, I am so sorry for not posting anything for a LONG time, I was having such fun that when I got to my laptop, the only thing I checked was Facebook to see if anybody left a message or a comment on something I cared for. Have a great day and enjoy your vacation for those who are still on it.

Love, Pedro

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