Wednesday, July 20, 2011

F*** the cold & flu! (and other biological complexities)

It was 11:09 p.m. and I was tired, but thanks to my allergies, I felt like I wasn't ready to sleep. This made find an extreme muse to write something that may be educational for those who constantly suffer from it (like me), the cold & flu (and let's add allergies to this issue). Thanks to these illnesses, some pharmaceuticals win a A LOT of money and can buy some new Ferraris and Lamborghinis once in a while, and we have to suffer the nose-clogging, throat-hurting, body-aching, tummy-failing and hot-flashed dilemmas. So in these cases, there's always these questions, what do I get to treat this and how I prevent it? I have done some research in order to also help myself from this big issue, and this is some great information I have found and wish to share with everybody so they could treat and prevent this and other issues that attacks us daily:

1) zinc: a mayor exposure to this trace metal and your kidney can fail, but ironically, we can't live without this. Why? Because zinc is a supplement that helps with many organs and prevents some diseases, it helps improve and promotes a better function of your digestive system, growth, skin improvement, bone development, blood pressure and it prevents and eases the symptoms of cold, HIV, gingivitis, BPD, ED, and others. This can be found easily on supplements (more likely, tablets).

2) echinacea: this beautiful flower is also known for its magnanimous helps. Echinacea contains substances that enhance the ability of the immune system, also it relieves pain, reduces inflammations and has antiviral, hormonal and antioxidant effects. Doctors recommend using this for infections (Urinal, Ear and Yeast infections to be accurate) and to help control one of our worst enemies in our body (ESPECIALLY MINE!), Sinusitis. And to finish this section, it helps fight the bacterias that cause the cold. This one can also be found easily on supplements and teas (with some honey, please)!

3) vitamin C: this is an essential nutrient for us humans, not only it helps strengthen our immune system, it also helps retain collagen, which is a body chemical that helps you protect from the scurvy (disease that can cause browning of the skin, teeth loss, depression, bleeding from the mucous membranes and eventually, death). This can be found on supplements, fruits (especially citruses like oranges, lemons, limes, clementines, etc.) and vegetables (most likely, spinach).

4) elderberry: this one is my personal favorite and also philosopher Hippocrates' favorite herb. He said that the elderberry was soon going to become an elixir, and he got that right. Indian scientists experimented on this and found out that it helped ease and prevent the symptoms of the cold and flu. This elderberry can be found commercially on a product called Sambucol (once, our English teacher talked about this product on one of her classes and everyone thought that she was a little but cuckoo, but thanks to her, I found it), a dissolvable tablet that contains elderberry and zinc, and it can be found on supplements and drinks.

That is all for this section and excuse me if I went a little bit far away on what I really would tend to talk about but it's that these days I have surfed thru my FaceBook and I have found SO MANY people that caught a cold or got the flu and I thought that it would be great to bring an information that can last a life time. Hope you have a great day and if you're sick, get well!

Love, Pedro

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