Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fashion shows that made my passion for fashion bloom plus something else...

Karl Lagerfeld S/S 2008, this one started it all! This collection made me love androgyny (the balance between masculinity and femininity, sometimes referred as bisexual), clothes that are influenced on rock-n-roll, spikes, and women who portrayed a daring fashion sense .Also, this was the pioneer for me to start getting interested to the fashion industry.
Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs S/S 2008, this show made me fall in love with anything that has quirk, influence toward animation and caricature, and most importantly, COLOR!!! Also, in this fashion show, Marc Jacobs came out at the finale with a mini luggage bag that was airing the first episode of SpongeBob SquarePants (now that's amazing).
Balmain by Christophe Decarnin S/S 2010, this collection made me get obsessed with militia (I hate militia because I was at a military school for 14 years and the times were not so fond, but I loved the influence that this gave to fashion, whenever you wear something military, you feel powerful and kick ass), combat boots and trashiness, lol. This collection caused a mania to the fashion industry and spend a LOT of money for this ($ 9,000 for a jacket? Ouch!), I think even if I was economically stable (like rich), that would still be WAY out of my range!

Donatella Versace S/S 2010, this one made me drool for shoes, technological printed tees, tower clocks, plastic and Alice in Wonderland. This collection portrayed this sensual being with a quirky and somehow, fetishist hint.

Marc Jacobs S/S 2009, two years and whenever I see this jacket, I go insane (I know it's womenswear but if I find something that looks alike for men, I am gonna spend my bucks on it). This collection is extreme silliness in a chic and beautiful way, with the many inspirations that it had, I found that it was Mary Poppins going to the India and later, New York (yes, it was that silly), also, Marc Jacobs warns you  whenever you see any collection of his, get ready for your mind to be twisted and blown!

Rag & Bone by Marcus Wainwright and David Neville F/W 2010, these guys made me wish that my first collection will be inspired by menswear (cliche but I will learn on how to make this original and new). This one [collection] demonstrated the wonders that menswear has done to women. In here, they showed plaid shirts, parkas, knitted ponchos, military jackets, blazers and sweaters in every shape, textile and form, it was attractive to women, but I found it fantastic (referring to fantasy) as a man.

Each of these collection demonstrate a little piece of me (if you watch the full fashion shows of these collections, you can acknowledge that image and attitude that the designer(s) want(s) to portray and what I want you to understand), thanks to these, it made me, Pedro Correa, get obsessed to find some specific pieces, transform into this new persona, defined my style and fight until I reached my goal:

1) Become a really graphic & bold person, in terms of style and personality.
2) Get obsessed over stripes, motorcycle jackets, boots, coats, techno-prints and military influenced pieces.
3) Lose fear on some things, like getting more influenced in womenswear than menswear (seriously, womenswear is more original and attractive to the human eye, what you see on menswear is sometimes idiotic or boring), of course, that does not mean cross dressing and also, not fearing those who want to hurt me and humiliate.
4) Just be and love myself for who I am and not care about what others say about me (if they talk to much about you, that means something of you is attractive but they're scared of admitting it), express yourself however you want, walk the way your body makes you, ignore those who say you're ugly, fat, flat, tiny, tall or any other "offense", you're their mirror on that invisible wall that reflects their homely appearance.
In simple words, get a grip, embrace it and go with the flow.

I hope you have enjoyed this and excuse the fact that the later post was way later than expected, I was really tired for not doing anything, so I took a longer slumber. Have a great weekend if you start it tomorrow and have a great sleep, because I need one!

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