Monday, July 18, 2011

An introduction

  Good day to anyone who's reading this, in this you will see who I am, what I want to achieve and talk about some things that do see interesting to my persona, like Fashion, Art, Food, Social Studies and History. Also, it's gonna become a journal about my new phase in life, COLLEGE and the harsh steps of becoming an adult. Oh, instead of blabbering about that, I should introduce myself. My name is Pedro, I was born on September 5th, 1993 in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. I'm going for an Associate's Degree in Fashion Design at Universidad del Turabo and later, going to major in Communications. My goal is to become a Fashion Journalist (sometimes acknowledged as a Fashion Stylist, : D) for some magazine (I don't want to say a specific one because you don't know what life can bring you). My hobby is playing video games (especially retro RPGs), hearing music, cooking, watch movies, have fun with my friends and talk with them about anything, reading anything related to Fashion or Literature itself and knowing more about it even though I don't read much because I have a hard time reading a book. And other stuff that doesn't seem to get into my head at this moment. This is all I can write for today and I hope I have the strength to continue this project because three accounts for blogs have been done and nothing out of them, haha, have a great day.

 With all love, Pedro :D

My dear readers, I want to know you too, so leave a comment saying who you are and your hobbies, I would be glad to know a little bit from others : )

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